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The Planes and Deities

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The Planes and Deities Empty The Planes and Deities

Post by Serenity Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:08 pm

The Planes

To make this shit simple, there are five realms:
Heaven (Lawful), Hell (Evil), Mortal (Chaotic), Elysium (Good), and Empyrea (Neutral)

Heaven: This is where most religions assume you go when you die. It is where the servants of the good gods live. They manage this realm as it continuously expands and protect the souls within. Each soul has their own heaven, where they continuously experience their own personal paradise. Each heaven has its own door, only accessible by the guardians of heaven. The guardians of heaven are Agathions, Angels, Archons, and Azatas. Each has their own particular jobs within the realm.
► Agathions go by one other name: Reapers. They are escorts from the mortal realm to Hell and Heaven, guiding souls to their rightful place in the afterlife. Agathions are always lawful neutral and there are hundreds.
► Angels are guards of Heaven who walk its halls to make sure all is in order. They are lawful good, very strong martial fighters, and never choose to leave this realm. There are hundreds of Angels.
► Archons are lawful good, few in number, and excessively powerful celestials with magical ability. They guard the gates to Heaven, Elysium, and Empyrea. They never choose to leave these realms.
► Azatas are very many in number, travel through any realm they wish, and act as muses for those they deem worthy of some luck. Azatas are always chaotic-good or neutral, never evil.

Hell: Standing as a realm of darkness and evil, this is where souls are when they’ve been corrupted to the point that the Archons that guard the gates of Heaven turn them away. Hell consists of large maze-like stone forests that never seem to end. Souls that come here are constantly tortured by the residents that came before them, slowly shifting to some other form of evil: demon, devil, daemon.
► Demon:
► Devil:
► Daemon:

Mortal: Kinda common sense. It's where your characters live.

Elysium: Where some of the gods live. No mortal will ever step foot here. Evil or chaotic gods can live here, but choose not to.

Empyrea: Home of the Keeper. Also known as the Ethereal realm, where spirits reside. This realm acts as a go-between for realms.

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The Planes and Deities Empty Re: The Planes and Deities

Post by Serenity Mon Apr 26, 2021 2:03 am

The Deities

Deities are powerful celestials that literally run on the faith of mortals. The more mortals believe in them, the more powerful they become, the younger they stay, and the more they can influence. Deities that are not believed in will fade away completely and die, the rest of their energy being converted to the mortal realm for different effects. (This often creates a new planet.)

► Title: This is what they're called by their worshippers. Some deities won't have one.
► Alignment: The deity's preferred lifestyle and moral standards.
► Domain: The deity's primary focus.
► Subdomains: Other domains the deity covers.
►Portfolio: Subjects that worshippers come to the deity for.
►Legend: A brief explanation for how the deity became popular.

► Title:
► Alignment:
► Domains:
► Portfolio:
► Legend:

Major Deities

Gaia, Goddess of the Nature
► Title: The Dawn Bringer
► Alignment: Neutral Good
► Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Erosion, Fire, Plant, Scalykind, Sun, Water, Weather, Vermin
► Portfolio: Farming, Harvest, Hunting, Mountain, Nature, Renewal, Sacrifice
► Legend: When lands were infertile, Gaia helped crops grow, preventing thousands from starving in Lotheria, Zakat, and Aurora. When the Ashen Mountain was erupting, Gaia raised the sea to stop the flow of lava and used the wind to redirect the smoke. And when the sun was extinguished by Endellion, Gaia sacrificed much of her power to reignite it. Gaia is credited for the life of humankind.

Kalo, God of Magic
► Title: The True Mage
► Alignment: Neutral
► Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune
► Portfolio: Magic, Rituals, Spells, Secrets, Experimentation
► Legend: Currently one of the oldest gods. There are many legends about him, but the most popular consist of his help in sealing ancient powers, granting new spells, shining lights on secrets, and experimenting on creatures to create something new. Kalo is credited with the creation of magical beasts.

Cantil, God of the Fortune
► Title: The Freedom Fighter or The Gambler
► Alignment: Lawful Good
► Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Liberation, Luck, Nobility, Protection
► Portfolio: Forgiveness, Health, Honesty, Honor, Justice, Protection, Redemption, Wealth
► Legend: There are not many legends surrounding Cantil because his work shows in smaller ways. He prefers to mingle with individuals or smaller groups. The "bigger picture" is not his fortay. This is why he is often looked to for luck and wealth more than anything else. Nobles love him. However, Cantil isn't only about making people wealthy financially. He prefers to present good opportunities to those asking for help and see what they do with it. Unfortunately, most have proven to do bad with what he's presented them, so he rarely will help that person again, even when they stay faithful.

Emyr, God of Time
► Title: The Keeper
► Alignment: Lawful Neutral
► Domains: Darkness, Repose, Ruins
► Portfolio: Afterlife, Death, Heaven, Hell, Life, Punishment, Reward, Truth
► Legend: There are thousands of legends from hundreds of planets about this deity. He is, without a doubt, the most powerful deity of them all. He is the oldest god, his story spanning over a multitude of millennia. He is not known for interfering with the world, but since you meet him, or his employees, after death, the souls existing in the afterlife are those that power him. Emyr is now known as "The Keeper." However, he was once the God of Death, God of Life, God of Darkness, or simply "God" in certain cultures. There was a time where he held every domain, but he chose to hand power out to the other gods. He treats them as equals and respects them for their work. However, he is the one they defer to in any stressful times or for any advice.

Hatos, God of War
► Title: The General
► Alignment: Neutral
► Domains: Death, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War
► Portfolio: Despair, Destruction, Evil, Fear, Honor, Misery, Power, Revenge, Victory
► Legend: Hatos is a popular, well-known god, because he is often blamed for wars fought on Vesara. He enjoys the fight, but this was originally based in honor duels and ways to show your strength and power. Over time, worshippers took his love for fighting farther and decided war was a better fight. Instead of being skilled and trained fighters showing their prowess, it turned into mindless blood baths of innocents killing each other under the pretense of faith and justice. Due to this, Hatos keeps out of most affairs unless something or someone truly interests him. He has been known to stop wars when they go too far, especially in his name.

Ezekial, God of Chaos
► Title: The Deceiver
► Alignment: Chaotic Evil
► Domains: Chaos, Evil, Madness, Trickery
► Portfolio: Doing whatever the fuck you want.
► Legend: Ezekial is an outlier among the gods because he prefers allowing things to fall apart. He loves throwing wrenches into well-oiled machines just to watch people tear at each other over it. He's a damn good liar and has convinced his worshippers that he is about freedom, but it is his form of freedom. No laws. No order. No structure. It's about doing what you desire, when you desire, and how you desire to do it. Though all of his worshippers aren't evil, many are. Some prefer the life of a wanderer, avoiding government restrictions, and having a good ol' time. Many others, however, want to tear down the places that structure has built up, no matter how many lives it may ruin. To them, the people living in these places are merely brainwashed into thinking they're happy.

Milani, Goddess of the Beyond
► Title: The Wanderer
► Alignment: Chaotic Good
► Domains: Charm, Travel, Void
► Portfolio: Adventurers, Caravans, Historians, Safe Travel
► Legend: Milani's greatest joy in life is laying down a mystery for people to solve and watching them solve it. Revealing the unknown and teaching people to think about more than just what is in front of them is how she makes her mark on the worlds. She's a traveler, often going from planet to planet to see what is new. At the moment, she is on Vesara with three specific mysteries already in place. She cannot wait to see who figures it out. Whoever does shall be rewarded!

Zafildir, God of Law
► Title: The Just
► Alignment: Lawful Neutral
► Domains: Artifice, Law
► Portfolio: Creation, Determination, Discipline, Labor, Work
► Legend: A newer god into the Vesaran mix, Zafildir is a man who respects those who work for what they get. Vesara is slowly coming into new creations, especially in places like Osynius and Zakat. He's got his eye on them and likes helping them along through ways of inspiration. The more devoted to ones work a person is, the better guidance they may get from him. Keep in mind that he is new to Vesara, not the universe. The progression of intelligent life is his fortay.


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